What are the advantages of Expandable container houses?


1. Low space occupation rate
Because Expandable containers can be folded, their space utilization is very good. Not only is the cargo small, but it is also much better to store than ordinary containers.
2. Easy installation and good quality
Expandable containers only require a small amount of time to complete the construction work. They are very fast and efficient, and the quality itself is very good and can withstand wind and sun without being affected.
3. Install unloading facilities
Expandable container house is not only easy to install, but also convenient. The key is that the sensor has a four-in-one function after being folded, and it is also extremely convenient to transport.
4. Highlights
Although the cost of Expandable containers is definitely higher than that of ordinary containers, compared with the complexity and low output value of ordinary containers, the fixed costs of expandable container house are second, with large investments and high returns.

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