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What’s the hurricane plan?


We live in Florida and there’s hurricanes in the summer?
Ground pile foundation can be reinforced.
For hurricanes, we added piles under the House to reinforce them.
This is installed at the bottom of the house, inside the foundation.




What’s the additional cost to these? Do you have engineering plans on how they get installed?
We put them on like that? They go in the ground? How far apart are they?
The distance will be customized according to your needs.

This is how the pile is installed.Crane is required for installation.
1.You can deal with cement piles locally, with the specification of 300*300. You can deal with solid piles at the bottom of the House to make them more stable.
2. Reserve the pile. We reserve the installation location. You can handle the embedded pile locally and install it.


20ft Ground Stake Installation
20ft with 4 rows of 5 ground stakes each.
1.Use a level to find the correct height position before piling.Ensure that each ground
stake is on the same level.
2.First,fix the ground stake on a professional piling machine,tighten it with screws,
and find the right position to start driving it in.





Remove the screws after staking the ground



This is a professional piling tool.




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