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It is particularly convenient to install in 30ft and 40ft houses




The extended container house has super convenience: after finishing lifting, move directly from one place to another. Of course, the installation is also time-saving and labor-saving. It only needs 4 people at least, and it can be assembled within 40 minutes.


The self-weight of the extended container house is more than 2 tons. It is composed of light steel structure and color steel sandwich panel. The wind pressure resistance is 90~110km/h, and the earthquake resistance is >8 grade. It is used under the temperature of -40 degrees, and the indoor temperature is normal. It has super thermal insulation, which comes from the external wall insulation material. The polyurethane insulation layer used has a thermal conductivity of only 0.018~0.024w/(m.k). The house structure is composed of galvanized light steel structure, which has super moisture resistance and termite resistance, and is suitable for living in humid areas.


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