Highlight of Feeker Homes’ expandable container houses


A true highlight of Feeker Homes’ expandable container houses is their extensive and adaptable range of uses, suiting everything from individual and family living to shelter for emergency services. They can be used for retirees looking to downsize into something more manageable and affordable. They can be used as a cost effective start for first home buyers, including singles, couples, and even families. They can be used as an extension on your existing home, becoming an ideal study space or extra bedroom. Alternatively, they can be used as a rental dwelling, being absolutely perfect for holiday letting if you have some extra land and want to make some extra money, or even an Airbnb space. The ease and speed of installation mean they are perfect as shelter and temporary living for emergency services, or even to house refugees. And of course, the Panstellar expandable container houses can be easily customized to fit the needs of all these different housing situations.

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