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    +86 15670000024
    Henan Anyang Beiguan No. 07.08.09, Unit 2, Building 3, Huazhen International Commercial And Residential Community
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Are you manufacture factory or trading company?
    We are manufacture factory. Welcome to visit us at any time. The quality control flow and sales team will show you our professionalism. Also you will can get best and most competitive price after visiting our factory.
    Can the house be customized? What items can be customized?
    Modifying window, bedroom door placement and adding extra sliding glass doors are common customizations. A custom floorplan layout is the best way to customize your unit to make it your own. Modifying electrical and plumbing is less flexible, electrical is connected together throughout each unit from the exterior and plumbing is connected at the unit’s inlets/outlets.
    Who will arrange for shipping to my home?
    You can find a professional customs clearance agent, they can arrange local delivery to your site via a third party shipping company.
    What is the product life time?
    The design lifetime is 20-25 years
    Does the house include furniture and appliances?
    The listed price does not include any home options, customisations, additions or upgrades.If you have needs, our sales will talk details with you.
    What is lead time?
    If there is stock, we can ship out in 10 days, If no stock is available, or if you have a custom design, lead time can be 15-25 days from time of deposit, excluding shipment to your place.
    Can we customize the production?
    It is a customized product in its own right, with several options for exterior customization, interior bathroom customization, and more.
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      Tel:+86 15670000024